Our apparel line


We hope you have Safe Travels!

Hidden pockets keep what's important safe so you can relax and ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!


Each moment is a place you've never been.

Traveling should be fun and carefree. We take some of that stress out by offering clothing to keep your keys, money, credit cards, phone, and passport safe!


Not all who wander are lost. -Tolkien

Our wrap skirt and wrap dress are perfect for going to a museum, park, a day of shopping, or where ever your travels take you!

The Traveling Tunic


Keep your money, phone, credit cards, and passport safe when traveling! The Safe Travels Specialty Apparel Traveling Tunic is cute and stylish, but also serves an important function- to protect against pick pockets! With two hidden pockets, this tunic is safer than a purse. Keep your purse lightweight and for style! 


Both pockets are on the front of the tunic tucked under a button and an attractive flap. Under the flap is a zipper so all your belongings stay put! The button adds an extra measure of security so when the zipper and button are closed pick pockets can't win!

 The shoulders on this tunic has a fun gathered detail to give it a nice touch.  This tunic comes with a longer detachable belt. If you like a more roomy and flowy shirt, leave the belt at home! For a more fitting look, wrap the belt around your waist and tie in front.  

The Wrap Skirt

Pockets? Yes Please!

Two hidden pockets in this skirt make it easy for you to enjoy your journey without worry.  One pocket is in the belt of the skirt while the other is under the front over lap section.

The most popular material for this skirt is a linen/cotton blend. Perfect for all seasons! It's below the knee length is perfect for parts of the world where you need more coverage. 

Available on Etsy and Poshmark! If you live in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area, check out Trove. in Stillwater, MN starting April 2020.

Upcycled Jackets

Eco Clothing? I'm in!

Saving clothes from landfills is what this is about. Give these jackets a second chance!

Each jacket is unique! Upcycled to add fun details, lace, beading, or great patterns. Hidden inside the jacket is.... YOU GUESSED IT!! More pockets:) 

These pockets will hold your passport, money, driver's license, or phone. Keep them out of pick pockets hands so you can relax and enjoy your journey! Find them on Etsy, Poshmark and at Trove. in Stillwater, MN.